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Volt Smart LED


What are you passionate about?
Athletic performance?
Logging your rides? Or just playing it safe?

At VOLT we have you covered. With Smart IoT/LED’s we get you there safely and you can track your pace. Use it as a training tool. Set your pace into the App and Smart LED’s will let you know when your on track.

Stay safe when the sun goes down! Be seen with bright, smart IoT/LED’s. Skateboard, bike, scooter, motorcycle? With Smart IoT/LED’s we keep you safe! Go out and ride!

The only thing missing now is lights that know when your approaching intersections. Love to ride? We do. Now we make your ride safer. Do what you love and be safer!

Custom B2B wearable tech solutions

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of high-performance yarns. From cut or heat resistant to electrically charged yarns, Volt Wearable Tech will work with our customers in their development of innovative products for their specialty markets.